Why Aluminum?

Lighter, stronger and more cost effective - what more could you ask for in a reusable protective case or container solution? Welded aluminum protective cases are very lightweight and offer real advantages over traditional plastic cases.

ICC's sustainable aluminum cases are unaffected by extreme heat or cold conditions and regularly perform between -238°F to +302°F.

Aluminum cases require no molds or special tooling, saving time and money. Our cases are incredibly strong and resistant to impacts. Impacts may show on the exterior, but the energy from the impact is absorbed within the distortion and not transferred to the contents.

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Securely store and protect your firearms with high-quality aluminum cases. ICC manufactures and engineers aluminum casing solutions for all types of firearms and accessories including rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Keep your firearms safe and secure with durable aluminum casing, latching and customized foam inserts.


Custom Aluminum Casing Solutions

Today’s advanced metal-forming technology allows ultra-fast and affordable manufacturing of fully welded aluminum cases. From ultra high-end retail to critical military field applications, a fully welded aluminum case is built to perform under extreme conditions, not just once, but over and over.

A fully welded aluminum protective case from API is reusable, reparable, highly customizable and at the end of service, completely recyclable.

Custom Case Features Available



Case types & customizations available


Heavy payload

This requirement for an internal or external welded aluminum framing is necessary to house and protect heavy weight loads. This additional structure provides strength and rigidity to properly transport your massive load. At times, a floating deck with custom- designed spring coils is required to diminish the potential for shock and vibration.


Single lid

A standard hinged or fully removable lid that accommodates the majority of transport applications. Many times, these containers incorporate a custom foam interior or hard mount options.


ramp style

When a customer desires to transport a mobile system (many times on casters), this design allows for the payload to be rolled and stored as a complete unit; no need for break-down. Many of our medical customers choose this design for the transport of ultrasounds, x-ray, robotics and other diagnostic equipment.