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Over our twenty years of existence, ICC has designed custom aluminum containers for almost every industry. The flexibility of aluminum allows ICC to build containers around any product or application. We work with our customers from initial concept through the final product to provide a professionally engineered and integrated casing solution.

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Sportsman
  • Athletics

Medical Equipment

ICC’s medical equipment cases and containers provide superior protection and convenient portability for all types of delicate medical devices and tools.

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Our military cases and accompanying cushioning systems comply with MILSTD requirements and are available in over 10,000 original engineered designs to meet any need.


ICC’s aerospace case and containers provide superior protection for all types of high- value parts. We supply cost-saving, reusable containers to safely move high-value parts from one supplier to another.


Whether you're heading to the range, the woods or an exciting trip away, make sure your firearms are secure. Imagine you are finally going on that much-anticipated hunting trip you have waited for all year. You make your way to the baggage claim to find that your store-bought firearm case was no match for the rough-and-tumble baggage-handling experience. It's for this reason that ICC is one of the most sought-after cases for transporting valuable firearms.


ICC develops custom aluminum-casing solutions for professional and collegiate sports teams nationwide. Store, organize and ship valuable equipment and game-day essentials with reliable aluminum systems. We customize containers with your team's brand colors and logo to represent each organization with pride.