Dedienne Aerospace Aluminum Case

Dedienne Aerospace Aluminum Case

The team at ICC partnered with Dedienne Aerospace to supply GE Aerospace with a new container that would protect engine blades for the new GE9X commercial engine while being shipped. What makes this project unique is that the GE9X engine is the largest commercial jet engine ever designed and weighs 7,400 pounds. To date, ICC has designed and built 26 custom aerospace aluminum cases, with more in development.

About ICC Aerospace Cases & Containers

Impact Case & Container aerospace aluminum cases & containers are custom built to house sensitive parts and equipment including helicopter blades, fuel tanks, cockpit assemblies, gearboxes, and engine assemblies. At ICC, we understand the importance of keeping delicate testing equipment within proper calibration specifications during transit. Certified packaging engineers design and manufacture precision foam inserts guaranteed to securely hold and protect the specialized devices and equipment.

About Dedienne

Dedienne Aerospace specializes in aerospace maintenance tooling for civil and defense markets. Thanks to our large array of aircraft tooling, engine tooling, or Ground Support Equipment, we supply a wide range of user-friendly products with an unbelievable quality level and very competitive prices.

About Impact Case & Container

At our state-of-the-art facility, the engineers at ICC are able to support our clients from the initial design through all the facets of manufacturing. For over twenty years of expertly crafted aluminum cases have continued to go beyond the status quo and set new standards in functionality and durability. Our knowledgeable team of case designers and engineers use advanced and reliable manufacturing methods in conjunction with superior raw materials to produce custom aluminum cases of true distinction.

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