Athletics Aluminum Cases

Custom Aluminum Athletics Cases

Impact Case & Container develops custom aluminum casing solutions for professional and collegiate sports teams globally. Store, organize and ship valuable equipment and game day essentials with reliable aluminum systems. We customize containers with each organization’s brand colors and logo to represent each team with pride.

Impact Case & Container designs and constructs custom aluminum crates and containers to organize sporting equipment and supplies in locker rooms around the country. These crates and containers are designed to provide organization and easy access with features such as internal shelving and storage features, hinged lids and lift-off lids to name a few. All of our crates are simple to operate and ergonomically friendly. All while being able to withstand repeated, long trips in harsh environments during shipping.

Past Projects

Athletics Aluminum Cases Built

To The Highest Standards in Workmanship.

From initial design through all facets of manufacturing, an ICC case is built to surpass the highest standards in workmanship. For twenty years, our expertly crafted cases have continued to go beyond the status quo and set new standards in functionality and durability. From OEM cases to national retailers to government custom protective solutions, we can make it happen.

A fully-custom fabricated aluminum protective case from ICC is reusable, reparable, highly-specialized and completely recyclable at the end of service. Our knowledgeable team of case designers and engineers use advanced and reliable manufacturing methods in conjunction with superior raw materials to produce cases of true distinction.

The ICC manufacturing facility is located in the heart of the Idaho panhandle and features the latest advances in computer-controlled punch and form fabrication equipment.

Why Aluminum Cases
Why Aluminum Cases

Why Custom Aluminum Cases 

Lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective – what more could you ask for in a reusable protective case or container solution? Custom aluminum cases are very lightweight and offer real advantages over traditional plastic cases.

ICC’s sustainable aluminum cases are unaffected by extreme heat or cold conditions and regularly perform between -238°F to +302°F.

Aluminum cases require no molds or special tooling, saving time and money. Our cases are incredibly strong and resistant to impacts. Impacts may show on the exterior, but the energy from the impact is absorbed within the distortion and not transferred to the contents.

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