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I recently purchased one of your Handgun cases.  The quality of materials and workmanship is top notch.  I hope I never need the protection, but I'll travel worry free while my pistols are locked in this "bank vault" of a case.


Thank you from a very satisfied customer.


-John B.

*Date:March 28, 2012

The Bullet Proof gun case is the best I have seen. It left Medford, Oregon and made four airplane changes. When we arrived in Johannesburg, S.Africa, the case was well scuffed from typical baggage handling. We arrived at camp, open the case and everything was in good shape. Test fired our rifles and all was well. A great, well constructed case that I plan to use many more times.


*ICC double scoped rifle case, talk about rugged, dependable security, convenient and reliable, this case is the best for traveling, my first case is now 15 years old. Yes, it will get dinged and scared from the airlines but the contents remain intact and safe. It's easy to lock and makes the airline TSA check in a snap.


Thanks for your time and effort!


Leslie arhelger

Ewa Beach, Hawaii


I own a 5214AW and a 5214-3GW, these are terrific cases, extremely durable.  Keeps my best rifles safe, free of dust and water.  I would feel 100% confident sending my rifles anywhere in the world with a aluminum case made by Impact Case & Container”


Joe Thomas, Cleveland Browns, Avid outdoors and 5 time NFL Pro Bowl


Courtesy of Sgt. White, I learned of ICC (Impact Case and Container) in Rathdrum that manufactures really nice all aluminum gun and ammo cases. They are one of the exclusive manufacturers for Cabela's, Sportman's, and the US Military. Several times a year they have a "yard sale" and get rid of their scratch and dent stock. For example, their 52"x14" locking (TSA approved) case retails for $299, but they have 13 at tomorrow's sale for $100! Dave and the guys over at ICC are very pro-LE, and helpful. If you are going to buy multiple cases they will probably cut you an even better deal. Happy hunting...


I purchased a double rifle gun case from ICC several years ago.  I have carried or pulled this case in and out of Canada every year since with noproblems.  The only trouble is I left the locking rod in the back of a rental car in Canada.  Having called ICC and having a new rod shipped to me is a great advantage in doing business with a company that will help when you need them.  I will always use ICC gun cases.  

Dr. Rick H. Jackson


Received my 3614 shotgun case yesterday and all I can say is WOW, this is without a doubt the best built case I have ever seen. I love the single lock device and the look of the clipped corners. This case is true American craftsmanship at it's best. I can't wait to put my Thompson Center Encore in it and head to Canada for my hunt! "


*My son and I have 3 safari cases and several other of your ICC cases, we love them.  We have had them forever, never had an issue and travel with them all the time.  Great cases!!”


Steve E. – Pennsylvania


I’d like to share my story of incredible customer satisfaction.

I purchased this case on-line while search for something more than molded plastic and cheap foam found in most Plano cases. This gun case was extremely well constructed with high quality materials and a sturdy locking system which will be unaffected by any means of  transportation. Moreover, the spacious interior was sufficient for my custom over sized rifle with scope and accessories.

This is the most robust, well constructed gun case I have ever owned and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to ensure the safety and security of their weaponry. Whether traveling to the range or across the world, in a word, this is “Quality”.



Damian Bartholomew


Thank you!  You have excellent customer service and I really appreciate it. 



As rugged as they come…..

The Impact Case & Container 3616A represents the apex of protection in a gun case. I don’t worry a bit about my Halo sight on my AR being jarred or damaged when its tumbling around in the back of my Ranger because of the cases 4pc pillow soft urethane foam set, that secures the weapon from moving under just about any circumstance. The case might look bad on the outside after a few years but on the inside, it’s as pristine as it was new (4-years ago)

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