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Reel Case Study

When Reel Cameras, (www.reelcameras.com) realized that the industry leader active video camera GoPro was nearly unchallenged in the marketplace, the Reel Camera was launched.


In order to attack the active video marketplace in a "David vs. Goliath" fashion, Reel Cameras needed a full service, flexible, rapid response company to help them quickly develop a display case for all their new dealer stores.  They turned to Impact Case to design, prototype, and produce a quick turn world class display case.


"All of a sudden, we were getting dealers signing up faster than we expected because they wanted something other than the saturated GoPro products to differentiate .  We had put all of our efforts in product development, our marketing strategy and website, so we found ourselves unprepared to provide  best-in-class display units for all of our new stores," explains Chad Baker, COO of Reel Cameras.  "Impact Case was the perfect fit and just what we needed.  The design and engineering team took our 'white board' concept  and within weeks we had an amazing prototype just in time for a key trade show.  After the show, Impact Case provided production units that enabled us to immediately fulfill our new shop orders.  Since then, we have added more sizes and options for the display cases.  The dealers have been thrilled with the unit and the sell thru has been excellent due to the flexibility  of the display cases.  For example, the 'peg board' design for accessories and the multiple monitor options were all enhanced from the Impact Case design team.  Having our exact colors and Reel Camera's logo built into the unit was huge bonus for us!"
"The entire experience was excellent -- from design, to prints, to prototyping, to production....  The flexibility of Impact Case to make revisions from order to order allows us to respond instantaneously to our customers - something the 'big guys' will not or cannot do.  Since they do everything in-house the response times exceeded our expectations" states Baker.

Impact Case cases have eleven significant advantages over the plastic cases made by other manufactures such as Pelican and SKB.  We offer aluminum design for the following:

  1. Aluminum provides excellent design flexibility.  Aluminum is used in the most popular machining processes including milling, drilling, grinding, cutting, and welding.  Custom aluminum case applications can be performed more efficiently than a case with other materials.

  2. Lighter Weight - Aluminum is 3x stronger than plastic.  This is why our aluminum cases offer excellent durability and strength to the weight.  When comparing an Impact Case rifle case, the weight savings is over 30% than comparable sized plastic cases.

  3. Color Choices - Powder coating in nearly any color is available.

  4. Hardware Choices - A gun case has different hardware needs than a full scale satellite case so we offer a full range of latches, hinge, handles, breather valves, wheels, stacking corners, and forklift tubes.

  5. Superior Inside to Outside Dimension - The inside to outside dimension is nearly 1:1 for Impact Case.  Plastic Cases require several added design elements to match the strength of aluminum including thicker materials, added "ribs", and additional molded features in the corners and for the hardware mounting points to create the same strength.  The only way to provide a high quality plastic case is to add thicker materials and molded features creating a poor inside to outside dimension ratio (and a very heavy case).  Plastic cases have a significant volume change from inside to outside dimensions.  The smaller the case, the more prominent this issue becomes.  For example, a comparable double rifle plastic case is 27% more outside volume, a AR/AK case is 46% more, and a double shotgun case needs 47% more outside volume vs. the inside useable volume.

  6. 40% Advantage for Extreme Temperature Range - High temperatures will warp plastic and can result in the O-ring design failures.   For example, the Pelican has a temperature range from -40º to 210º F as compared to aluminum with a temperature range of -238°F to + 302°F (-150 to +150 °C)  -- over 40% advantage.  And the aluminum material characteristics remain constant throughout this range.  Plastics, on the other hand, moves from a more brittle to a softer state over this same extreme temperature range.  Our customers continue to provide testimony to this major advantage.  Soldiers in the desert campaigns and hunters in the Southwest when they leave their plastic case in a vehicle trunks during the summer months complain of the plastic warping.

  7. Aluminum is impervious to water vapor and our aluminum cases are not affected by UV-radiation

  8. Aluminum is not sensitive to impact.  Although the surface may be dented as a result of impact, the impact energy is absorbed by the deformation to better protect the contents.  Plastic is sensitive to impact and transfers more impact energy to the contents.

  9. Aluminum is fully recyclable.  Aluminum is one of the most highly recycled materials, and can be recycled over and over again.

  10. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and has a natural defense response.  On contact with oxygen the surface develops an oxide layer which reforms immediately if damage occurs.

  11. Aluminum is hygienic and readily decontaminated.  The smooth non porous surface is easy to clean and emission-free.  Aluminum cases are well suited for areas with demanding specifications in relation to hygiene. These properties make aluminum cases easy to decontaminate.

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